Why is science seen as a new enemy in modern society?

By Lily Asis

Many of us wouldn’t be here if it was not for the wonderful scientists that made breakthroughs and cured diseases. There used to be a time when people like Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein, and Michiaki Takahashi were seen as the leading lights of humanity. In this new yet archaic view of science that we have seen in the modern world, could we as a modern society ever produce such great people ever again? We’re heading into a world where science is not treated as the pursuit of truth, but as the harming of feelings and ideologies.

Humanity should not depend on its future on such suspicions of science but to trying to fund more and more scientific studies. There must be some reason why there is a new sentiment that science is being shunned, as just a decade or so ago, it was still in everybody’s mind as the key factor to our survival and potential multiplanetary existence.

The loss of gender

For some odd reason, there was a notion in society that only people on the left championed science, despite there being so many great scientists who have held conservative views. However in universities right now, the loss of gender is causing havoc among people who believe in biology and those who want to believe their feelings over fact. Students are being taught that sex/gender is merely a social construct while science has shown in black and white that we as human beings live as male and female. A non-binary human being does not factually exist, we as men and women have sexual reproductive organs that are different. In order to reproduce there needs to be a sperm and an egg. Now it is the conservatives that are left to try and defend biological fact in the face of people who want to choose their gender because of how they feel.

Climate change denial

Whether we like it or not, our actions on this earth may lead to our own demise. Some people on the right have been fighting against the claim that so many scientific studies have made. That claim is that our overuse of fossil fuels and massive pollution is heating up our planet. Carbon dioxide is being released into the atmosphere in the millions and millions of tons. Although there are some conflicting studies, there is very plausible evidence that, we are contributing to heating up the world. This will lead to the ice caps melting and raising the sea levels substantially, causing mass floods and potentially millions of deaths.

Some people on the right take skepticism to a new level of just being outright anti-science. Their argument is that the world has always had temperature fluctuations. But there isn’t an explanation for why the planet is heating up so rapidly in the modern era. Only if you factor in the release of carbon dioxide due to our cars, factories, plants and more spewing out this harmful gas.

Science has never been and never will be our enemy. It is perhaps the most noble of all pursuits in our society. To find cures for diseases, to help make our lives easier, to prolong our stay on this planet and to let us know who we are from mind to matter.

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