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How to keep your cool under stress: Tips from some of todays biggest stars

Learning how to keep your cool under stress is a skill. A skill that is different for everybody, as different things work for different people. Who better to take these kind of tips from than some of today’s biggest stars? They have to deal with stress regularly; followed by the paps, bombarded by fans, always in the media – they rarely get a moment when somebody isn’t judging them.

Take a look at some of these tips and see what you can use:

Justin Bieber ‘Find Something That Helps You To Zone Out’

Justin Bieber likes to find something that helps him to zone out – usually a film, or just relaxing with his friends. It doesn’t have to be that, though. Just find something that makes you forget the rest of the world for a while.

Kylie Jenner ‘Find A Quiet Space And Listen To Music’

Kylie Jenner got a lot of attention over the last few years due to her ever inflating lips. Some people love her, and some people hate her. The way she deals with stress is by going to find a quiet spot and listening to music. You don’t have to listen to Enya; listen to something that makes you happy!

Angelina Jolie ‘Do Something You Love. Meditate. Try Coloring Books’

Angelina Jolie doesn’t often get quiet moments, so instead, she uses time with her kids as meditation. She’ll jump on a trampoline or sit on the floor and color with them. Do something you love to meditate if you don’t get quiet moments either!

Michelle Obama ‘Get Some Exercise’

Michelle Obama says that if she feels like she’s going to have a meltdown, she hops on a bike or goes for a run. Drop everything and sweat it out. You’ll feel better!

Demi Lovato ‘Have A Digital Detox’

Demi Lovato said she realized that her phone had become like a crutch to her. When nobody is in the room, and sometimes when they are, we don’t think anything of pulling out our phones. Instead, have conversations with people. The more time you spend away from the digital world, the better you should feel.

Justin Timberlake ‘Play Golf, Write A Song, or Punch A Pillow’

Justin Timberlake has three main ways of dealing with stress. He’ll write a song, play golf, or punch a pillow. Punching a pillow is a great immediate way of letting out stress, and is much better than punching a person and having to contact a firm like for help.

Lady GaGa ‘Learn How To Say No’

Being a ‘yes person’ can be very stressful. You can’t do it all, so start saying no to things you don’t want to do, both big and small. Value yourself and your time.

Emma Stone ‘Learn How To Be In The Moment. Try Acting’

Living in the moment is key to reducing stress and not thinking about a million things at once. Emma Stone says acting helps her to do this!

Christina Ricci ‘Spend Time With Dogs’

Christina Ricci likes to dance with her dogs – in the privacy of her own home, of course! Dogs are great stress relievers. Just petting one can help you to feel better.

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