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XTIE is celebrating her music journey with her debut EP APOLLO-23

More than just another album, it is a statement, an ode to her journey as an artiste, a celebration of her creativity and passion, and a testament to her sound “Cosmic pop”. 

From releasing her first track as a self-produced artiste 3 years ago, to making her debut in the GRAMMYS Press Play Series, Asian sensation XTIE is celebrating her music journey with her debut EP APOLLO-23.

More than just another album, it is a statement, an ode to her journey as an artiste, a celebration of her creativity and passion, and a testament to her sound “Cosmic pop”. 

Track list:

  1. Flower Town
  2. Spaceship
  3. Virgo
  4. Skin
  5. FF
  6. 麥田看守員 (Field of Gold)
  7. Cloud 9
  8. Skin (under the skin ver.) (BONUS TRACK – only available at physical copy)

APOLLO-23 delves into XTIE’s exploration of life, the universe, and the relationship between humanity and nature through her unique brand of “cosmic pop” music. Every track in this album is carefully designed to empower listeners with pop anthems focusing on the power of self love, independence, and freedom, and will draw out the curiosity we have about the world beyond our planet, while remaining in our own skin.

Title track ‘Flower Town’ tells a story of how XTIE wants her listener to find their own inner peace while listening to her music, was her first single that she had ever released., It’s dreamy, ethereal melody and lyrics full of yearning sets the mood for this album, and helps us find our inner peace by “rebuild(ing) our Flower Town, where the world was just, chaos was remote and minds were tranquil”

The EP features 8 tracks, including one bonus track only available in the physical album. Each track is lovingly crafted with care and attention to detail. Notable tracks include previously released “Spaceship” – a catchy, pop-infused tune, ‘Skin’ – a haunting, melancholic ballad that will leave you feeling raw and vulnerable, ‘Field of Gold’ – a Cantonese track(XTIE’s mother tongue) dedicated to the people who are on this spaceship with her along her music journey, and reminds us how we can embrace happiness and blessings along our unpaved road and finally, ‘Skin(under the skin ver.) – a bonus track made available only in the physical album. It’s a re-imagined live recording version of XTIE’s new arrangement. With APOLLO-23, XTIE cements her place in the music industry and proves that she is a force to be reckoned with.

XTIE (pronounced X-T) is a singer-songwriter and music producer from Hong Kong. Aptly describing her music as “cosmic pop”, the multi-talented creative weaves shimmery yet sophisticated pop rhythms into her rich soundscapes, narrating candid stories about the universe. 

Being a self-produced artist, she has garnered support from Billboard ID, MTV Asia, BBC Radio, Wonderland, NOTION, Line Today TW, SCOUT Mag and many more. 

Her singles have charted and peaked at No.1 across radio stations in Hong Kong and Taiwan. XTIE recently played at Ear Up Music Festival 2023 at Macpherson Stadium and a sold-out headline concert in Hong Kong. Making her first overseas appearance in the UK playing at London, Brighton and Wrexham, XTIE was featured at music festivals like FOCUS Wales, The Great Escape in May this year.  With the support of the Recording Academy, her performance of “Skin” was also featured at the GRAMMYS Press Play Series. 

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XTIE has continuously shown her ability to create sparkling candy-pop beats and sweeping melodies with vocal chops, mellow chilled-out vibe, and euphoric dance-floor moments.  

Her production credits include stellar-level acts and TV shows from Hong Kong. Apart from her releases as an artist, XTIE’s credits include sensational acts from Hong Kong, for example, Janice Vidal, Alfred Hui, ViuTV King Maker IV and more. Currently, she also writes and produces for A-Pop / K-pop markets.

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