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Navigating your first art show

Getting to go to the opening night of an art exhibition is a great privilege for many reasons.

Getting to go to the opening night of an art exhibition is a great privilege for many reasons. First, you get to be one of the first people to see the art in its new surroundings. Second, you get to enjoy the company of other art enthusiasts with whom you can discuss the work in front of you, and who may provide you with additional insight. Third, is that you get the first chance to purchase such pieces, ones that are often on snapped up by other collectors or are only for sale as a once in a lifetime type offer.

Although, if all of that seems a little intimidating, read on for some helpful advice.

Making an impression

Opening nights are usually where artists and art appreciators are at the top of the list. That means it’s time to ditch the boring work outfit and wear something with a bit more pizzazz that makes a real impression.

Of course, before you do this it is a good idea to work out what sort of show it is. For a black tie gala, suits and evening dresses are more appropriate. Whereas at a private show in a trendy part of town you are more likely to find people wearing fashionable and edgy streetwear and on-trend fashions instead.

Appreciating and respecting the art

Next, a big part of attending any type of art show is being able to appreciate and respect the art. That means no touching the art, no matter how tempted you may feel unless it is something that you are invited to do as part of an installation.

To appreciate the art don’t feel like you have to walk around the room with your hand on your chin either. Remember art is subjective, and you may drink it in differently to others.

Buying the art

A huge part of the opening night of an exhibition is the buying of work. This can be particularly terrifying for folks that have never done this before, especially if it’s one of those show where they don’t display the price of the pieces.

To help you, it’s always worth roping in the assistance of the gallery curator or the artist themselves, as they will be happy to guide you through the process.

Just remember to be sure that you have enough funds available before you agree on a piece. Something you can prepare for by searching online for installment loans near me or agreeing on an increase on your credit card limit before the show. Then, at least you will be able to make the purchase right then and there, allowing you to avoid the risk of someone getting in before you.

Having an artistic discussion

Of all the tasks you may have to do at an art exhibition, it may be that having a conversation with another art lover is the most difficult. After all, it is so easy to assume that everyone knows much more about art, the style or the artist than you do.

However, you shouldn’t let this put you off. The reason being that it’s likely that you will find most people are quite normal and just glad to have someone to discuss the work with.

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