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Nante Carandang’s ‘Legacy’, a three-man art exhibition, to run until April 24

Acclaimed visual artist Nante Carandang launched “Legacy”, a three-man art exhibition which will run until April 24 at in Ricardo’s Al Fresco in Amadeo, Cavite.

By Karl Angelo Butuan

Acclaimed visual artist Nante Carandang announced “Legacy”, a three-man art exhibition which will run until April 24 at in Ricardo’s Al Fresco in Amadeo, Cavite.

The idea of “Legacy” as a shared exhibit came to Carandang after he saw his children, Felisa and Aron, enjoying doing their own paintings, joining him in his art studio every day. “I’m so proud of them and I can see their passion in doing their own styles in paintings and for me that is important for someone to have their heart first in everything they do,” Carandang said.

“Legacy”, then, introduces his children to “a larger audience where they can showcase their artistic talent and love for painting, and ultimately continue their legacy of serving the community through art.”


For Felisa and Aron, the exhibit is not only a privilege to finally show people their passion and love for arts, but a “significant moment… to bond (with their father) while showing others what their art is all about.”

“‘Legacy’ is our first exhibit as a family and it will be unforgettable for us because we have bonded as a family of artists,” Aron said.

“Our ongoing exhibit “Legacy” [exhibit] means a lot not only to me, but to our family. It’s such an honor to have the privilege to show people our passion and love for arts.” Felisa added.

Both Aron and Felisa were influenced by their father to pursue art – i.e. Aron always saw their father paint, and now “I want my artworks to be as mesmerizing as my father’s artworks,” he said; while Felisa started “playing with papa‘s art materials” when the pandemic started, though “to my surprise someone really did appreciate it and bought it, that really gave me the confidence and inspired me as well knowing that my art can deliver my feelings to other people.”

Carandang, himself, struggled as a young artist, starting painting as a kid at a time where they couldn’t afford any art materials before as they were too expensive to buy. But knowing that he really loves doing art, he still found a way to pursue what he wanted. He is now an internationally-acclaimed artist, having received awards from GACCE (Global Artists’ Creative Collaboration for Empowerment) USA, California Art Commission, and Dangal ng Batangan among many other award-giving bodies.

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From left: Nora Carandang, Nante Carandang, Felisa Rose Dee Carandang, Lara Medrano, Aron Ray Dee Carandang
(Photo taken by Edward Joshua Moreno)


Carandang’s advice to young Filipino artists is to just continue developing their talents, to continue discovering things that will make their art unique, and to paint with their heart before their hands. “Just follow your heart and believe me, your art will touch and inspire soul of its viewers,” he said.

Felisa adds that young artists should surround themselves with people who will support their art. “Don’t mind any negative comments about your artwork because there’s no right or wrong in (doing) art.”

Meanwhile, Aron mentions that the artistic journey may not be easy for everyone but they should not give up even during the toughest times, stressing that they will eventually reach their goal as long as they hold on to it. “We may not all be walking down at the same path, but always remember that the road will always lead to your goals as long as you are dedicated to reach it,” he said.

After “Legacy,” Carandang will be among the featured artists of Far Eastern University Art Gallery next in ART IN THE PARK ONLINE 2022 from April 24 until May 1.


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