The importance of voting: Make your voice heard!

Let’s take a moment to run through the importance of politics and why it’s so important that we make our voices heard through the democratic process of voting.

Politics may not be the most interesting subject for the majority of us. It might not be something that catches our interest in the same way that other aspects of day to day life. Sure, the release of our favorite music artist’s latest album, a new product release from Apple, or the latest Instagram post to take the world by storm. But when it comes down to it, politics play a massive role in our everyday life and they’re something that we all need to get involved in at every given opportunity.

So, let’s take a moment to run through the importance of politics and why it’s so important that we make our voices heard through the democratic process of voting.

What Role Do Politics Play in Our Lives?

To put things simply, the role of politicians is to make the rules that the country is run by. Now, this may sound simple, but there are so many rules laid out that the decisions politicians make can affect near enough every single aspect of our day to day lives. They decide what rights we have and what we are entitled to as human beings and citizens of the country that they are governing. They can decide how accessible different things are to us by determining how much we are entitled to for the work that we do. They also decide what is funded by the state and what we will have to fork out for ourselves, placing minimum costs and limitations on the maximum costs charged for several of life’s necessities.

Take healthcare, education, and basic requirements such as water and food as examples. They also have the final say on whether a country intervenes in others’ conflicts or goes to war. This doesn’t even cover half of what politicians do, but hopefully, it has given you a good (though brief) overview, as it would be nigh on impossible to address every aspect of a politician’s job in just one article. However, as you can see, when these individuals are determining such major institutions that we engage with on a regular basis, you want the right person to be in control and making the final decisions.

Understanding Voting

Voting is the process by which we make our voices heard. Various elections are held to determine which politician will be in power and in these we can vote for individuals who represent our principles and morals. The politician with the most votes has the closest beliefs to the majority and will be placed in charge. Now, there are more elections than the main presidential elections. There are elections for mayors of state and various other positions too. Take a look at Arizona elections 2018 candidates to see just one of the candidates you could vote for to become the Arizona secretary of state.

Have a Balanced View Before Casting Your Vote

Before casting your vote in any election, make sure to research the different individuals who you can choose from. This will allow you to familiarize yourself with their attitude and see if it matches up with what you stand for.

As you can see, voting is extremely important and though there may be many distractions about, you should still prioritize making your voice heard.

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