Samsung launched a new line-up of Soundbars. Engineered by the Samsung Audio Lab in California, this newest audio technology supposedly embodies the “next-generation of hassle-free home theater experience, debunking the usual perception that bigger speakers will always be better and more powerful.”

Entering the soundbar market is the Soundbar with Dolby Atmos Technology (HW-K950) and the Soundbar Sound+ (HW-MS751 & HW-MS6501).

Features of the Soundbar with Dolby Atmos Technology include:

  • A 5.1.4 channel system that houses a total of 15 speakers, each with dedicated amplifiers to enhance TV Sound.
  • First Soundbar package to include two Dolby Atmos-enabled up-firing speakers in the Soundbar and two wireless rear up-firing speakers.
  • Powered by Dolby Atmos technology.
  • Wide-range tweeters.
  • Connects wirelessly to TV or Smartphone without cables.
  • The Soundbar automatically pairs wirelessly to the subwoofer and rear speaker units.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • Six (6) sound modes, namely Standard, Music, Movie, Clear Voice, Sports, and Night Mode.
  • Surround Sound Expansion Plus that allows upmixing of any content to Dolby ATMOS level, while its 4K pass-through plays 4K content match cinematic sound with 4K picture quality.

Meanwhile, features of  the Soundbar Sound+ include:

  • Embedding of the subwoofer directly into its body.
  • It has 5 channels—front left, front right, center, top left and top right and packs a total of 11 built-in speakers, each with dedicated amplifiers, including three wide-range tweeters, six woofers, and two vertical wide-range tweeters into the bar itself.
  • Vertical tweeters.
  • Crafted with Ultra High Quality (UHQ) 32-bit audio.
  • Multi-speaker control technology replaces the traditional subwoofer with 6 (2”x4.3”) woofers. This enables the multi-array speaker units to move simultaneously, deepening bass reproduction capabilities.
  • Distortion cancelling technology.
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A promo to make these available will run from August 10 to September 17.