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Planning a pop-up art installation

Pop-up art galleries are becoming exceedingly popular and are a fantastic way to showcase the work of designers, photographers, and other artists. What makes this form of art installation so popular is the fact that they allow extreme flexibility and offer a low-cost way to showcase the work of artists who otherwise may be unable to make a statement with their art. 

A pop-up gallery can be created in collaboration with an art gallery, store, or can be organized organically. Whatever route is taken to create a pop-up art installation, a lot of time, effort and planning will need to go into the process. It’s not like you can snap your fingers and an incredible art installation will simply appear, a lot of work needs to go into creating something that has the potential to be successful. 

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Keen to launch your own pop-up art installation? Below are some tips and ideas to help streamline the planning process and give your art show the very best chance of success. 

Find the perfect concept 

The concept for your pop-up art event is a crucial element of its success, which is why getting it right is so vital. You need to think carefully about the concept that you are using for your gallery event, as you need to make sure that it offers a fresh and highly unique approach. This is particularly important if you want to ensure that your event has an impact. You need to think about the theme of the event as well as how the work will be displayed. 

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Start creating 

You may already have a bank of artwork that you want to display as part of the show, or you may be in the process of creating new pieces. If you need time to work on new pieces, it’s important that you don’t set the event date too sooner, as the last thing that you want is to have to rush your work. 

Promote the event 

If you want to ensure that your pop-up installation gathers as much interest as possible, it’s vital that you promote it. People need to know about your event in order to give it the very best chance of being a success. Spread the word via social media, post in relevant Facebook groups, and share the information among the art world. Build anticipation around your event and create a sense that it will be unmissable, and you should see a fantastic turn out. 

Be clear on the setup

Plan carefully for the setup of your event. Think about how you will get the artwork to the location, along with any stands or display materials that you may need. For this, you could look at trailers available for hire, to make the process of transporting your art and any other essential materials easier and less stressful. Remember, the more organised you can be, the better. 

There you have it, a few simple steps for planning an unmissable, pop-up art event that will take the art industry by storm. 

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