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Pineapple Lab presents Ottomondi

Ottomondi will be at Pineapple Lab from April 12 – April 22. Pineapple Lab is open Tuesday-Sunday from 11AM-8PM. It will be part of this year’s Design Week Philippines by the DTI.

This April, Pineapple Lab would like to introduce Hollow Block, a new concept that transforms our venue into a versatile retail space that serves as a viable business platform for innovative and enterprising artists and entrepreneurs. Hollow Block makes its debut exhibition with Ottomondi’s Inabel.

Multidisciplinary uniforms from around the world become the theme of Ottomondi’s first collection. Ottomondi showcases the story-laden cloth from the wooden looms of Ilocano artisan weavers. Tinged with a contemporary approach, Ottomondi’s designs veer from the traditional display of unisex garments, producing an inclusive, genderless line of clothes that may be worn by people from all walks of life, advocating inclusivity and local love.

Despite being raised in Italy, creative director Sherwin “Otto” Sacramento answers to the calling of his Filipino roots. His accumulated experiences form confluences of inspiration and amplification to the various styles evidenced in his collection. The quirky elegance blends concepts of uniform and utility. Filipino fabric meets European influence. The use of constructivist color-blocking and unconventional forms shows the designer’s creative ongoing dialogue with the art world.

Inabel traces its traditions at the time of Spanish colonization of Ilocandia. Even before that, the cloth has been used in barters between neighboring Asian countries, in exchange for gold, ceramics, and other valuable commodities.

The evident onslaught of manufactured, imported and synthetic fabrics heavily impacted the livelihood of local weavers, with numbers dwindling over the years. Add to that the growing disinterest of the younger generation who chooses to learn the ins-and-outs of modern technology in the forms of smartphones and tablets. Ottomondi aspires to raise awareness and encourage the public to support local Filipino products. Guided with that mission, the brand envisions to expand its ambitions overseas, introducing Inabel to the international market.

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Ottomondi will be at Pineapple Lab from April 12 – April 22. Pineapple Lab is open Tuesday-Sunday from 11AM-8PM. It will be part of this year’s Design Week Philippines by the DTI.

Ottomondi is an independent clothing brand from the Philippines that designs contemporary pieces incorporating native materials.

Our DNA? “Functional streetwear with an irreverent sense of cool and local proud,” says creative director Otto Sacramento who founded the brand after 2 decades in the fashion industry in Italy. “We want to make wearable clothes, not just for the runway,” he adds.

The brand operates with a sense of community in mind: materials are ethically sourced and products are 100% made by Filipino artisans.

Sharing the advocacy of Dr. Joven Cuanang, Ottomondi recently made its debut during “Inabel 2018” held at Pinto Art Museum to support and showcase the versatility of the Ilocano weave.

Ottomondi currently works thanks to a team of four out of their Manila-based studio/showroom in Poblacion.

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