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Motorcycle trips for beginners: A checklist

The days before your very first motorcycle trips are quite exciting. The prospects of spending hours on the road, enjoying the feeling of the bicycle, and only stopping when you have to should be enough to get anyone excited, really.


Now that the months are getting colder, however, and the days are getting darker, you need to focus on coming prepared for the trip in order to make it as pleasant as possible. Here is a quick checklist to what you need to remember before your trip so that you’re able to enjoy the ride a bit more.

That way, you don’t have to worry about having the trip spoiled by any inconveniences that could have been easily avoided.

#1 Get the right gear

First of all, you need to make sure that your motorcycle gear has what it takes to keep you both warm and dry. While the wind can be chilly enough on a bike trip in the middle of summer, the cold season means that you risk freezing your fingers off unless you have the correct kind of gear.

Earplugs are also a lifesaver, by the way, so remember to stock up on these so that you’re a bit more comfortable on the bike. You can have a look at this article to get you started and go through your motorcycle wardrobe properly before heading off on your trip.

#2 Stay hydrated

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Many motorcycle beginners tend to get wrapped up in the excitement of the trip, and they completely forget to take care of themselves. Sure, it’s important to look after your bike as well and make sure that everything is in order before heading off – but if you don’t tend to your own needs, the trip will definitely not be as nice as it could have been.

Remind yourself to stop and drink as well as eat as often as possible so that you’re able to enjoy the ride a bit more. Eat foods that are high in water as well, by the way, as our bodies prefer to get its hydration in a slow and steady way.

#3 Tend to your bike

Now that you have taken care of yourself in terms of clothes and water, you should think about what your bike needs. Since all bikes are different, depending on the model, it’s a good idea to visit your local mechanic and let them guide you to the right spare parts.

Write down the numbers you need as well in case of an accident so that you’re a bit more prepared; Abels & Annes is a great choice, for example, so keep it with you to feel a bit more relaxed and comfortable about the ride ahead.

Now all you need to do is to map out a nice and scenic route and get going before it’s even colder outside.

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