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Lazy days: 3 Ways to gear your bedroom up for a TV binge

We’ve come up with a checklist that should ensure you leave no stone unturned. If you perform all these actions ahead of time, you can chill out whenever you like.

You know the feeling. A new series you’ve been anticipating finally lands on the internet. You have a couple of days free over the weekend, and you don’t want to make any plans. All you want to do is snuggle up under the covers and binge watch the show from start to finish.

However, you didn’t think ahead, and so you can’t do that until you’ve made some preparations. Well, that should never happen again after you read the suggestions on this page. We’ve come up with a checklist that should ensure you leave no stone unturned. If you perform all these actions ahead of time, you can chill out whenever you like.

So, consider all these points and turn them into reality before next weekend. If you do that, you won’t have to leave your bedroom.


  • Invest in a large screen HD TV

Before you do anything else, it makes sense to invest in a large screen HD television. You’ll want to watch your show in high definition for the best experience. Thankfully, prices have come down considerably during the last few years. So, you shouldn’t have to spend more than a couple of hundred of dollars. Ideally, you should aim to purchase some wall brackets too. That will help you to save lots of space in your bedroom. If you plan to watch anime or cartoons, that’s especially important. However, HD TVs can also improve just about any other program you might enjoy.



  • Buy a mini fridge for snacks and drinks
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The last thing you want to do is leave your room to go to the kitchen. After all, you’ve decided to spend the entire weekend in bed binging on TV, right? The solution is simple, and it’s also inexpensive. For around $50, you can get a mini fridge for your bedroom. It won’t take up much space, but it will chill all your drinks and snacks. With that in mind, you’ll probably find the best prices online. So, it’s wise to take a look around now and then place your order. With a bit of luck, the item will arrive at your home before next weekend. Fill it with products from your local store, and you’re good to go.



  • Install surround sound to get the full experience

Lots of people forget about surround sound these days. It was a popular concept during the early 2000s, but it seems to have died off slightly. Still, it’s guaranteed to improve your viewing and listening experience. Also, you can get some tiny speakers these days that won’t create a problem in your bedroom. You’ll probably have to spend somewhere in the region of $200 for a decent set. However, you could spend a lot more depending on what you hope to achieve. If nothing else, the speakers should help to drown out any noise pollution.

Put that advice into action as soon as possible, and you’ll find yourself ready for any binge-watching session. Unfortunately, the task of creating an en-suite bathroom in your bedroom isn’t easy. So, you might have to put up with the fact that you will have to leave the room at some point. However, you can come straight back and get on with your show. Enjoy!

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