Myke Celis just came out of a “traumatic break up and a friend’s betrayal,” he said, and “I felt that others can relate to (what I went through).”

And so Celis wrote #bestmeever, a book published by Life Books.

Yes, there are “hugot lines” in the book; but “a lot of pages in the book also focus on embracing yourself as a whole. Being different is a gift. Regardless of whatever others might say. That itself, is power,” Celis said.

From this book, “I want readers to know that within each one of them lies the best version of themselves. They just have to recognize that. One’s #bestmeever is not in competition with anyone. As long as they run their own race and focus on being their best while maintaining positivity, they’d go further,” Celis said.

Celis’ style is “non-preachy, sometimes bitchy,” which does not fit the conventional self-help book mold. But for him, “I wanted to keep things real as I value authenticity very much. The way I speak in this book, is the way I talk to each and everyone in person.”

If considering finding your #bestmeever, consider this one.

Out now at all National Bookstore and Powerbooks branches nationwide.

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