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How to start selling your art

If you are a big dreamer and think that your art is sellable then before you quit your job, take a look at our tips below on how to prepare and start selling your art.

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Every artist dreams of selling their art and for it to one day be hung in a museum.

If you are a big dreamer and think that your art is sellable then before you quit your job, take a look at our tips below on how to prepare and start selling your art.

How To Prepare

Preparing to sell your art is the first step you should take before diving straight in. It can be difficult selling your art so you will need to make yours stick out over the rest. So your artwork might be what draws the customer to your product but presentation and quality is what will keep them coming back and recommending you. Below we have listed a few ways that you can prepare before putting your art out there.

  • Buy good quality materials – Customers will be able to tell if you use cheaper materials to create your masterpiece. Using premium paints, brushes such as Princeton Velvetouch and good quality canvases like the ones from The Sydney Canvas Company, will allow you to charge a little more and ensure your art is the best quality, last longer and have an upper market feel.
  • Postage and Packaging – The way you present your art to a customer is key as the way they feel when they receive and open the package aquates to the overall feel of the product. You don’t want your art to get damaged in transit so ensure you are securely wrapping your art before sending. It’s always good to get a rough idea on how much it costs to send different sizes of art work to different locations. Do your research beforehand so you can incorporate it into your price.
  • Timing – If you are doing bespoke artwork then you need to know how long it takes you to do. When doing it for leisure we tend to dilly dally and get it done in our own time. However if you want to make money you should time yourself to see how quickly you can do it without losing quality and then base your sale price on that.
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Where To Sell

So Now you are all prepared it’s time to market your art to sell. If you are new to selling then we think you should start small and then as your business grows you can start to spread where you sell. Here are a few ways to get you going:

  • Social media – Social media is a great place to showcase and sell your artwork as it reaches a lot of people and is free – for the most part. Create a page showing your art and encourage people to contact you if they like to make a purchase. 
  • Selling Sites – Once you get a bit of traction then you could consider expanding selling your art on sites like Etsy, Hard To Find or Amazon.
  • Website – now you are becoming more established creating your own website might be the next natural option. Hire a web agency to help you or give it a go yourself by using platforms such as, WordPress, Shopify or Wix.

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