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Get to know Verdadism art style as a tool to teach diversity, inclusion

The Verdadism art style is a great tool for teaching diversity and inclusion in the classroom and boardroom.

Have you ever heard of Verdadism?

The artist behind it, Soraida Martinez, has been addressing systemic racism for over 25 years now. According to Soraida — and as depicted in her 1996 painting Latinos have the power, but many people don’t know — “Latinos need to organize… It’s the most important thing they can do…” And this empowerment is what Verdadism is all about.

Soraida is based in New Jersey, the artist was born in Harlem, New York City, during the social upheavals of the late 1960s to early 1970s, when American society was coming to terms with its deeply rooted problems of racism and sexism. The artist has created many paintings about the struggles of Latinos in America, including her own struggle as a Puerto Rican woman who educated herself, is a first-generation graduate with a fine arts degree, and, in 1986, started her own art and design studio.

And then through Verdadism, Soraida depicts how to get in touch with one’s inner feelings and opening the mind up to accepting other human beings.

The Verdadism art style is a great tool for teaching diversity and inclusion in the classroom and boardroom.

Soraida’s paintings are often published in academic textbooks analyzing the same social issues that the artist has been addressing for many years. Ahead of her time in knowing that racism is not a sustainable concept in the US and worldwide, Soraida continues to raise awareness and teach tolerance through art talks and exhibitions at colleges and universities, corporations and organizations.

For a virtual tour of the Verdadism Art Gallery, contact the artist at or call the studio/gal­lery at 856-346-3131. For more information, please visit

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