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4 Things about looking fashionable you’ll kick yourself for not knowing

So, you want to look more fashionable? Here are four things about looking stylish that you’ll kick yourself for not knowing.

Fashion is something that changes from week to week, with new trends being introduced almost daily. The fact about fashion is that anyone with a good amount of money to spend can look fashionable, but there’s more to it than that. There are very few people who have genuine style – the likes of Victoria Beckham and Kendall Jenner are among them. Filling your wardrobe with iconic fashion labels might make you feel fashionable, but that’s not what it takes to be stylish. In a few months time, the pieces you’ve filled your wardrobe with will be out of date. Being more fashionable isn’t about what designs you wear, it’s about choosing the perfect pieces.

So, you want to look more fashionable? Here are four things about looking stylish that you’ll kick yourself for not knowing.

  1. Take inspiration from fashion gurus

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A lot of people make the mistake of following fashion gurus down to a tee. Don’t make the same mistake, instead simply use them for inspiration. Take what they wear and use it to inspire you to come up with a look of your own that you love. You don’t need to mimic the likes of Anna Wintour to look amazing; you just need to take inspiration from the hottest trends. Fashion gurus are there for inspiration, not to be copied.

  1. It’s not about where you shop
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Don’t get hung up on labels. The truth is, a dress that costs thousands won’t make you any more fashionable, it’s simply got a fashionable label in it. Many of the world’s most stylish icons wear pieces simply because they love how they look. Not because of where they’ve bought them from. Where you shop isn’t important, it’s what you wear that matters.

  1. Accessories are a key aspect of looking good

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As mentioned above, accessories can take an outfit from looking okay to looking amazing. It’s just a case of taking the time to pick the perfect ones. You need to look for pieces that suit your personality and style and work well with your choice of outfits. You also need casual items for teaming with day wear and more extravagant accessories for formal occasions. Costume jewelry is great for dressing up day wear. While diamond designs, like those in this James Allen Review, are ideal for adding a little glitz to an evening look. The right bag or the perfect pair of earrings really can up just how stylish you look. So make sure to take accessorizing seriously.

  1. Your personal tastes are important

Whatever you do, don’t ignore your personal tastes in order to look more stylish. Genuine style comes from dressing in a way that you love. You could buy a designer blouse from Gucci and chuck it on with a pair of jeans and get no comments about how you look. Whereas a budget blouse that is well styled and team with the right accessories, could get you a lot of compliments. Take your personal tastes into account and learn to style yourself in a fashionable way.

So there you have it, four things about looking and feeling stylish that you’ll kick yourself for not knowing.

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